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As The World Turns: How Copying The Soap Opera Writers Will Get Your Emails Opened with Daniel Levis

As a top marketing consultant and direct response copywriter, Daniel Levis helps entrepreneurs get rich acquiring and developing the best customers and clients in their niches.

What You´ll Learn From This Session:

  • What are soap-opera email sequences and how important are they in terms of building relationship to your new list?
  • How are soap-opera sequences written or created? What’s the mindset behind writing in this way?
  • How do you build those open and nested loops that builds suspense, drama, tension and owning their attention?
  • How do you end your emails in a way that makes the reader eager and waiting for the next one?
  • Can you share an example of a soap opera sequence that our audience can model?


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Marie Grace Berg is a lifestyle entrepreneur whose expertise lies in helping authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and online marketers use joint ventures to build, grow and scale their business to six-figures and beyond. She’s been featured on major publications like Huffington Post and as expert on growing your brand through collaboration with other experts. Marie and her students have generated tens of thousands of email subscribers and multiple 6 figures in revenue using joint venture partnerships and expert collaboration through virtual summits and online giveaways. Connect with Marie and see how she can help grow your business without spending a dime on advertising.

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