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CLOSING KEYNOTE: Your Turn-Key Action Plan To Monetize Your Brilliance That You Can Leverage For Life, with Jane Deuber

​ Jane Deuber is a sought after business strategist, speaker and seven-time successful entrepreneur who has a 30 year track record for helping small business owners turn their passion, experience and talents into highly-profitable businesses that enable them to have the impact, income and freedom they envisioned when they started their business. What You´ll Learn […]

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How To Fuel Your Body With The Right Food According To Your Body´s Needs And Gain Increased Energy, Vitality And Longevity with Rae Roth

​ Rae Roth is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach & the Author of “Cut Your Cravings”, a guide to achieving natural & sustainable weight loss through mindset shift. What You´ll Learn From This Session: 1. Start with your why – make it  must. 2. Simplify. 3. Handle your nutrition. 4. Do some movements that you […]

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How To Sustain Your Energy Throughout The Day And Be Able To Perform At Your Best with Dr. Scott Reis, MD

​ Dr. J. Scott Ries is a board certified Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine physician, and founder of iFactor Health. A gifted communicator, he specializes in helping people make sense of today’s complex medical issues in a way that is clear and understandable. What You´ll Learn From This Session: 1. Cut back on sugars. 2. […]

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How To Be In The Flow So You Can Create With Ease with Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank

​ Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank is a NYU certified life coach, Reiki Master, meditation teacher, yoga instructor and writer for MindBodyGreen and The Chopra Center who is best known for her empathetic nature, non-judgmental approach and light-hearted humor. What You´ll Learn From This Session: 1. Drink water first thing in the morning. 2. Create a space […]

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How To Overcome Overwhelm And Procrastination By Creating Habits In 5 Weeks with Jennie Friedman

​ A professional Mindset Coach, Jennie specializes in helping people share their passions with the world. She pulls together her education in psychology with her 20+ years of business development and marketing expertise in order to expand your opportunities for income and connectivity. What You´ll Learn From This Session: 1. Become self-aware of your thoughts. […]

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How To Get Back 2-4 Hours Of Additional Productive Time Every Single Week with Robin Thiele

​ Robin Thiele is a business coach, productivity expert, and teacher. She helps business owners make more money by making better use of their time. She has created courses based on the problems she has observed with her clients. She has courses like Productive to Profitable, SMARTER Goals for Life, and How to Start a […]

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How To Manage Your Daily Activities And Achieve Breakthrough Results In Business And In Your Personal Life with Ralph White

​ Ralph White has unfailingly navigated the choppy waters of business and life and always come up a winner. He brings a lifetime of business experience to his “Consulting2Win” strategy for business excellence. What You´ll Learn From This Session: 1. Divide your daily tasks into 3 categoris: What I’m Doing, What I’m Not Doing, What […]

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CASE STUDY: How An Intuitive Art Coach Leverage Her Gifts By Teaching Her System Of How To Connect With Your Angels And Design A Business You Love with Rachel Archelaus

​ Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, artist and business mentor. She is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy which teaches people how to have a two way conversation with their Higher Selves in an easy, creative way. What You´ll Learn From This Session: 1. Trust your intuition. Learn to tap into […]

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How To Use Accountability Systems To Monitor Progress Of Your Students And Foster Results with Gina Hiatt

​ Gina J Hiatt, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who has developed an online, small group accountability system that she licenses to coaches, teachers, managers, trainers, and organizations who want their clients or teams to take action and succeed. Her company, Finish Agent, Inc., provides a way for users to track their daily progress in […]

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How To Build Your Team, Delegate Effectively And Create A Culture That Promotes Growth And A Sense Of Fulfillment with Tracey Osborne

​ Tracey Osborne is known as The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon. As an accomplished Virtual Assistant of almost a decade, Tracey specializes in all things strategic: Online Business Management, launches, funnels and telesummits. By removing the stress of daily operations, Tracey allows her clients the focus and freedom to What You´ll Learn From This Session: 1. […]

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