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Coaching Refund Policy


It’s important to me that you’re satisfied with My Coaching Program. If you have any questions about the coaching program, please email me at marie@mariegraceberg.com.

Once a payment has been processed and a session had, it won’t be refunded. If you decide within 30 days of signing up that you no longer wish to continue the program, you will be entitled to cancel. However, if you’ve already used your coaching
session, VIP Day or a work has started in the case of the Done-For-You Package or the Virtual VIP Weekend, a refund is not offered (since the service has already been rendered). You must request that refund and program cancellation by emailing us at marie@mariegraceberg.com.

No refund or cancellations are available after your 30 day period until your 12th session.

Cliff notes…
Note 1: No cancellations or refunds are available after 30days from date of signing up.

Note 2: If you did not submit a refund request within 30days after your purchase, you’re obligated to complete your remaining payments.

Note 3: You are allowed one reschedule, with a potential refund if you absolutely can’t get that rescheduled for that month.

Note 4: After that one reschedule is used, if you miss another coaching session or have to reschedule for another month, you will not be refunded for the session that was missed.