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Getting It Right: How To Optimize Your Landing Pages For Increased Conversion with Chelsea O´Brien

If you have the wrong ideas about marketing, or the wrong expectations, you are very likely to make serious mistakes. The success of your marketing is in proportion to the perceived value that you create. Since 2002, Chelsea O’Brien has been designing and building websites and online applications. She has generated millions of dollars for over 250 businesses and now work with celebrated marketers like Eben Pagan.

What You´ll Learn From This Session:

  • What are the components of a high-converting landing page?
  • What to have and not have on the website for (coaches, authors, speakers, experts) that affects conversion?
  • What should they be testing on the website?
  • What makes potential JV partners more likely to promote based on what they see on the landing page?
  • If they’re on a budget, how can they get their page optimized without breaking the ban?
  • If this is the first time they’re setting up their landing page to promote an offer they have, what can do to to get started? Do you recommend using pre-made customizable landing pages, like optimize press, leadpages, clickfunnels, thrive landing pages, etc?
  • Any other tips/strategies you can share that’s going to help these coaches, authors and speakers have an optimized landing page ready to get JV traffic.


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Marie Grace Berg is a lifestyle entrepreneur whose expertise lies in helping authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and online marketers use joint ventures to build, grow and scale their business to six-figures and beyond. She’s been featured on major publications like Huffington Post and as expert on growing your brand through collaboration with other experts. Marie and her students have generated tens of thousands of email subscribers and multiple 6 figures in revenue using joint venture partnerships and expert collaboration through virtual summits and online giveaways. Connect with Marie and see how she can help grow your business without spending a dime on advertising.

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