​​​​How To Launch Profitable Virtual Summits

PROFITABLE Virtual Summits
Personal Mentoring and Coaching
The #1 thing that has helped me grow my business from an idea to a fulltime business generating over 5 figures per month in less than a year has been mentorship and coaching.
When I started, I didn’t know much about the online world, blogging, podcasting, joint ventures (JV), virtual summits or online marketing. But I knew that I wanted to control my business instead of having it control me. It was a huge learning curve with lots of time and money, a few tears, and even a little cursing under my breath on the harder days. But I did it. However, I’d have given almost anything to have someone there to walk me through it all. The more I thought about it, the more passionate I became about making sure that no one else ever had to go through the challenge of going from zero to successful online entrepreneur alone. Problem is it can be impossible to find someone to take you under their wing and mentor you. To guide you. To punch you in the face and say “NO! That’s a dumb idea. Do this instead”
That’s what I’m here for
I only take 15 total coaching clients at any given time. No more. I have three different coaching packages to choose from, here are details on each:
“DONE-FOR-YOU” Package: $15,000
(up to 50 speakers)
  • Everything DONE-FOR-YOU so that the only thing left is for you is do your interviews. We can do this, too but if you want to be the face of your business, I highly recommend you do it or with a cohost.
  • Includes DONE FOR YOU SUMMIT PAGES, GRAPHICS and EMAIL COPY: We handle all the tech stuff, so you don´t have to.
  • Includes SUMMIT AFFILIATE MANAGEMENT: To make your summit profitable, you need an army of affiliates to promote it like crazy. We handle this part for you, too.
“GET IT DONE FAST” Virtual VIP Weekend: $5,000 (3 Day Virtual VIP Days)
  • Includes (3) VIP DAYS. During these 3 virtual VIP days, you and I will do pre-summit, mid-summit and post-summit planning. I will help you accomplish everything so that the only thing left for you to do is conducting your summit interviews.
  • Includes 1-year of UNLIMITED 15-MIN CALLS: You will get ongoing support from me pre-summit, mid-summit, post-summit and for an entire 12-months.
  • Includes BONUS Done-For-You Summit Graphics and AFFILIATE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY: You will get done for you summit graphics (for up to 40 speakers), plus two general summit graphics. We will also create your summit affiliate strategy to maximize your promotions.
“DONE-WITH-YOU” Package: $3,000
(90-Day Intensive)
  • Includes (12) Weekly 45min Calls with me. During this call we go over every step on how to CREATE, PROMOTE and DELIVER a highly profitable virtual summit.
  • Includes Look Over My Shoulder Video Tutorials and Recordings PLUS Access to my Summit Templates and Swipe Files: Every call will be recorded so you can watch and follow along at your leisure. You will also have access to my summit templates and swipe files.
  • Includes 1-year of unlimited 15-min calls: You will get ongoing support from me pre-summit, mid-summit, post-summit and for an entire 12months.
Disclaimer : I am going to be HARD on you. The one thing I can’t tolerate are people who refuse to try. If you aren’t afraid of hard work this program will work for you. If you are looking for a miracle cure and someone to ‘shoot the breeze’ with, I will fire you in a heartbeat. Come to work!

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