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How To Overcome Overwhelm And Procrastination By Creating Habits In 5 Weeks with Jennie Friedman

A professional Mindset Coach, Jennie specializes in helping people share their passions with the world. She pulls together her education in psychology with her 20+ years of business development and marketing expertise in order to expand your opportunities for income and connectivity.

What You´ll Learn From This Session:

1. Become self-aware of your thoughts.

2. Set yourself up to win.

3. Attach positive meaning to what you do.

4. Think of the habit of what you want to do as a thought.

5. Plant it in your head. Start by speaking it out loud.

5.Do this for 5 weeks..


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Marie Grace Berg is a lifestyle entrepreneur whose expertise lies in helping authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and online marketers use joint ventures to build, grow and scale their business to six-figures and beyond. She’s been featured on major publications like Huffington Post and as expert on growing your brand through collaboration with other experts. Marie and her students have generated tens of thousands of email subscribers and multiple 6 figures in revenue using joint venture partnerships and expert collaboration through virtual summits and online giveaways. Connect with Marie and see how she can help grow your business without spending a dime on advertising.

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