JV Checklists

JV success path ebook

How to get JV-ready ebook
You´ll learn the 4 phases of a successful JV launch – what I called “The JV Success Formula”, step by step by step.
You’ll learn how to get “JV-ready,” which means making sure your offer, your systems and processes are set to support your partnership.

How to get JV partners ebook

How To Do a 7 Day JV Promotion ebook
You´ll learn how to identify the right JV partners and how to approach them to ensure the best chance at winning them over.
You´ll learn how to do a successful JV launch, step-by-step, so nothing will be left to chance. You’ll know exactly what to do, and when!


How To Nurture Your JV List and Partners ebook

JV resources ebook
You´ll learn how to nurture your new list and JV relationships & turn them as raving fans and buyers — for life!
You´ll learn all the JV tools and resources I use to do a successful and profitable JV promotions — including my highest recommendations!