Congratulations! You´re registered for the Get JV-ready 5-Day Challenge!

everything you need to start attracting and signing up JV partners ready to promote you to their list so that you can sell more of your courses, programs and coaching services...for FREE!

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Step 1


Watch the short 2-minute above to help you prepare and make the most of the 5-Day Challenge, PLUS, how to access all the templates, tools and resources that we´re going to use during the challenge.

Step 2

The online challenge is happening LIVE inside our private facebook group, so you can easily attend live, comment and ask questions, and network with other members who can be potentially your new JV partners! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE GROUP <<<

Step 3


While the recordings are going to be available inside our private FB group, they will be removed as soon as the challenge is finished. You will be able to ask me questions when you show up LIVE!