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PHASE 1: CREATE – How To Connect With Your Ideal Clients Through Writing Copy That Converts with Tepsii Tsikororo

Tepsii is an unlikely entrepreneur who started her multiple 6-figure business with an infant on her boob, a poopy 2 year old underfoot, and 9 year old doing homework at the kitchen table! She is the creator of Sold Out + Booked Solid (her flagship online Business Incubator Program / Mastermind) and her signature Copywriting Course, The Write to Profit™. She works as a Soulful Copywriting Teacher and Business Coach and has a degree in Public Communication. Tepsii has over 13 years of experience as a professional writer.

What You´ll Learn From This Session:

1. Tell them about your program and then dig into their pain.

2. Paint the dream for them.

3. Highlight who you work with and why you’re doing this – share your story.

4. Introduce your offer. Highlight the transformation/results/benefits.

5. Breakdown your offer.

6. Ask them to buy. Use FAQs to handle objections.


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Marie Grace Berg is a lifestyle entrepreneur whose expertise lies in helping authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and online marketers use joint ventures to build, grow and scale their business to six-figures and beyond. She’s been featured on major publications like Huffington Post and as expert on growing your brand through collaboration with other experts. Marie and her students have generated tens of thousands of email subscribers and multiple 6 figures in revenue using joint venture partnerships and expert collaboration through virtual summits and online giveaways. Connect with Marie and see how she can help grow your business without spending a dime on advertising.

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