Become A Summit Producer Challenge

Why now is the best time to start a "stay at home summit producer business (for freelancers, virtual assistants, stay at home mom/dads and solopreneurs who want to create additional income stream online with zero start up cost).


Discover how to make 6-figure income producing summits and or virtual events for other people and businesses affected by the pandemic.

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Here´s some of what you´ll be getting when you join this 5-day challenge!

How to position yourself as the go-to person for influencers and companies who are looking for someone to produce these events for them, so they see you as not only their number one choice, but THE choice. When you do this right, you literally eradicate the competition for your services.

Why now is the best time to capitalize on this massive opportunity of starting a business that you can do at the comfort of your home with zero start up cost all while helping small business owners and companies thrive during and well after the pandemic is over.

How to execute a well-planned and organized summit production covering the 3 phases of a profitable virtual event making both the host and attendees feel like this is their best experience ever. This is one of the secrets to making YOU their number ONE CHOICE and hiring you over and over again. Repeat business are always good!

Be around a community of like-minded people who are as motivated as you in achieving their financial and life´s goal and who will support, cheer you on and rock this challenge with you. You´ll meet all people from all walks of life but also freelancers, virtual assistants, ownders of digital marketing agencies, stay at home moms/dads, and solopreneurs.

As a virtual assistant providing services for our clients, I couldn´t be more excited to add this offering now that I´m equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to do it. Thanks to Marie and her workshop for making this possible.

Teresa Knapp-Aguirre

VA and owner, Owner at Make It So Online Business Management

Want to know if this is FOR YOU?

If you think you could use an extra 5-figure income per event, let me train you to do this the right way.

If you’re a freelancer, virtual assistant or Solopreneur, this is perfect addition to your offering. In fact, you can totally focus on this and make it a 6-figure business.