I help entrepreneurs grow their list fast and get clients on demand without spending a dime on advertising 

Want to learn the 4-step process I use to grow my list to the tens of thousands fast, sell out my programs and get clients on demand with zero ad spend, and how you can, too?

  • It´s the #1 strategy BIG NAMES in your industry use
  • The only strategy where 1+1 = 100´s, 1,000´s
  • Builds authority almost overnight
  • Somebody does the leg work for you


" I knew that JV Promotions were the best way to grow my business. Marie helped me to make it happen. She coached me, given me all the technical help and the confidence to run my own JV promotions. If you want to grow your business using joint ventures, call Marie now! "

Nina Cooke Money Mindset Coach


"Get your ducks in a row"

Few things are as important to the success of a JV promotion as having everything in place, like your offer, lead magnets optin pages, affiliate set up, JV swipe emails etc. With this in mind, the getting JV-ready resources will help you "get your ducks in a row", without feeling overwhelmed, especially with the tech stuff!

create awesome JV partnerships

Having awesome JV partners is the secret to growing your list, selling out your programs and making money in your business, without spending a dime on advertising. Learn how to create these awesome JV partnerships that have your back and are not only excited to help you share your message to the world, but also are passionate about helping people!

create casH infusion on demand

Nothing happens until you launch that JV promotion, whether that be through the traditional JV launches, or doing JV webinars or my signature "7-Day JV Promotion". Here, you´ll learn not only the types of JV promotion you can do, but also how to do it the right way, with ease and fun. Afterall, you shouldn´t be doing something you don´t enjoy! 

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The 4-phases of a successful jv promotion

Learn the 4 phases of a successful JV promotion, that goes beyond just delivering on your promise but creating experiences your customers will love. Plus, once you´ve built this infrastructure, it will work for you 24/7 like clockwork.

the 7-day JV funnel that brings in cash infusion fast

Tired of the traditional, complex launches out there? Learn the fast, easy and fun way to do a successful JV promotion using the 7-Day JV Funnel, that´s not only easy to do but your JV partners will love coz it´s not taking up all their marketing calendar.

the jv sucess toolkit for the non-techie

Scared of the "tech stuff"? I´ve put together everything you need "tech-wise" to run a successful JV promotion, plus demystify the myths people have about using technology, even if you´re non-techie, or afraid of using technology.

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" Marie's program has helped me really understand exactly what I need to do to prepare for, nurture and grow good joint venture partner relationships. Unlike many programs that teach general principles, Marie's program goes way beyond that. She gives you extremely precise formulas, schedules, templates and examples, so you know exactly what to do and when. I immediately made a change in my approach to asking affiliates mail for me, based on the program. She has studied all kinds of approaches, and is aware of the latest practices that have bene tested and proven to work. She is also a delightful and enthusiastic teacher. Marie has so many innovative ideas - - I highly suggest you sign up for her program! "

Gina Hiatt Founder, Finish Agent




When I did my first launch, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, and I made a TON of mistakes... and still managed to add almost 2000 people to my email list! At that point, I knew that JV partnerships were the key to growing my business.

If I could put a promo together with NO experience, NO real contacts, NO real plan, and still add thousands of people to my audience, then just imagine what I could do if I did it "right?" That's when I devoted myself to learning all I could about JV partnerships. In 12 months, my knowledge and experience has grown tremendously, and my JV promotions have improved drastically.

The JV Success Formula was born out of my desire to help people where I was -- stuck, unsure, and really, really new. I want to teach you EXACTLY what to do so you can take advantage of this amazing strategy for building your audience, authority, influence, and revenue, so you won't have to guess, figure it out on your own, or waste your most valuable asset - your time.


Our vision is to create a prosperous, successful community of people who look to us to lead by example. Our 3 core themes are PASSION, FUN and FREEDOM.

  • PASSION: Everything that we do has to be something we truly are passionate about doing.
  • FUN: If it´s not fun doing, we won´t do it. We believe that when we do what´s fun for us, we bring out the best in us.
  • FREEDOM: Bottomline, if it doesn´t gives us the freedom to achieve what we truly want in life and in business, then it´s not worth doing.

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